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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of integrative negotiation (win-win) versus distributive negotiation (win-lose)?

  • What are the various styles of conflict management and when should I use which one?

  • When is compromise right and when isnít it?

  • How can I identify my best alternative to an agreement before the negotiation starts?

  • What are the interests behind my counterpart's position?

  • What are some manipulative tactics that some negotiators use and how can I resist them?

  • What is some effective language to use in cross-cultural negotiating situations? 

Integrative Negotiation

This method of negotiating
is also called Principled Negotiation.

It was developed at Harvard University around 1980 and presented to the public in the classic business book Getting To Yes

It has been widely adopted in western business as a basis for seeking creative, win-win solutions.

Participants learn the strategies of integrative negotiating by viewing a training video. 

Participants practice the strategies of integrative negotiating by playing roles in simulated negotiations. 

Distributive Negotiation

Also called Competitive Negotiation, this is the win-lose approach.

It is useful when fixed sums must be divided and creative solutions are not possible.

Participants learn and practice distributive tactics as well as counter-tactics in order to be prepared against unscrupulous negotiators.

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