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          Feedback from Course Participants:   


  "It was a very nice atmosphere with a very friendly, patient and sympathetic teacher.  The individual analysis of my mistakes is very valuable to me." 
— W. Puch
"I enjoyed this course and I liked it, because I didn’t feel like in school." 
— K. Karolus
"Good atmosphere." 
— W. Benkel

"The very good atmosphere you “organized”, which made it very easy to feel free to speak, without shy for making errors."
— W. Messing

"Truly comfortable for
vulnerable souls."  
— H. Haas

"Thank you for all helps and the overall good training and your very kind treatment of my mistakes." 
— F. Dielmann

"A worthwhile workshop! Particularly helpful for me was the opportunity to speak and the corrections of my mistakes. The way of correction was absolutely good."  
— B. Winkler 

"Helpful, direct,
informal, motivating."  
— A. Dewar

"Nobody is afraid to make mistakes because the feedback is in a smart and common style." 
— P. Lechner

"Very good feedback; feedback in diplomatic way." 
— Z. Matuska

"Your comments are very constructive
and will help me for my further presentations." 
— A. Lesemann  

"I learned a lot of new vocabulary; now I'm more confident in speaking English." 
— R. Dorsch
"I appreciated very much your precise and clear way of speaking. So just listening and learning the right pronunciation helped a lot."
— S. Leisner  
"Well organized, very interesting training course. Not boring."  
— F. Unterberger
"Good environment and enough time to discuss things deeper than in our normal job situation." 
— K. Vollmer

"Excellent. Tough program, very disciplined, but we did it!" 
— J. Stenzel  

"Very useful. Best presentation course I've had.  Thank you for that useful experience!"
— A. Gerhrmann

"I really enjoyed it (although I was nervous every day before my speech).
And I think I will benefit a lot from it and from the contact with my colleagues." 
— P. Hansen
"The training deals not only with English as a language but also with individual behavior in particular situations. So it’s some sort of “tailored” English for each one’s negotiations. Thank you very much, Reid." 
— W. Gehrke
"It was really motivating that you always gave positive feedback!"
— M. Ünlüyücü
"The workshop was really helpful and it is difficult to improve this. I think that it is really necessary that also the upper managers should do this workshop. It really helps improve our daily work, discussions, meetings, ..."
A. Liebelt 


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